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Oh So Clean

Why be organized?

Being organized can greatly enhance your wellbeing.  When everything has a place and your home has a plan, you are able to know what to expect, and be your best self.  While you may feel like an organized person, whether or not you have the time to do so is ultimately what it boils down to.  When I work with clients, we identify areas that are in need of the most attention, and pinpoint why these areas need help.  When we identify the why, we can better understand what is needed most in each unique situation.

Oh So Clean



  • Meet and greet: I will set up a time to meet with you, and see the room, area, or zone that you are most interested in. This allows us a chance to get to know each other, and to discuss areas that are of most importance to each client.

  • Detailed plan: I will send over a step-by-step personalized organizing guide, with ways we can optimize space, functionality, and piece of mind. This would include but not be limited to product suggestions and pricing, room rearrangement, and recommendations on what to get rid of.

  • Schedule your appointment: Appointment times are flexible - small projects can happen in a 2-4 hour session, while larger projects may need several days for progress to happen!

Oh So Clean

Follow up

Follow up and feedback are so important in this process.  The most wonderful gift in the world is hearing back from a client who received organizing help.  If the systems and processes that we implemented worked well, it shows!  Clients feel relaxed knowing that their household is under control.

I can't wait to hear more about your organizing needs, and set up a plan for your home!

***Organization consults will be available in the fall/winter of 2018


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