How to get the most out of your cleaning appointment!

By request, I have put together a list of several tried and true tips to get the most out of your cleaning experience.  Enjoy!

  1. Don't forget when your appointment is! Setting a reminder in your phone or calendar can help jog your memory. When you are able to plan ahead for your team's arrival, you may have that extra moment leave a note with your priorities :)

  2. Schedule your appointment at the optimal time! Are you scheduled on a day and time that works best for you and your family? Does your cleaning team interrupt your family's day by being there at the wrong time? It is best to communicate this, and pick the best day and time for your family.

  3. Toilet brushes are a must! Having a functional toilet brush is like finding out it's pizza day at work ;) And if you have several bathrooms, having more than one brush would be amazing! :)

  4. Pets, pets, pets! When a cleaning team, a vacuum, and all of the magic of a cleaning appointment happens, it can cause pets anxiety. Helping your pets feel comfortable when your team is there is of top priority! Let your team know where the treats are, and if your pets can go outside as needed.

  5. Have a product you love? Even when your team brings products along, if you have something you absolutely love, let them know! It is another step in making the appointment the best it can be!

  6. Communication! Communication is key in this process. If you feel something is being missed, please communicate this. While we wish cleaning was a perfect experience, sometimes things are missed. Hearing what was missed, and ways to improve help so much.

  7. Get to know your cleaning team! Putting faces with names helps to bridge the gap, and make the experience more personal for you. Here at Oh So Clean, our teams work hard to make the magic happen, and focus on one goal: client satisfaction :) You can see their profiles by clicking this link to our Oh So Clean website!