Summer Challenge Series - Part 2 #clothes

Clothes.  One of those things that can weigh us down, take up space, and potentially ruin our day ("I hate this shirt, WHY did I even wear it?!?").  Have you ever saved a shirt because it wasexpensive - even if it didn't fit well, or was completely unflattering?  Or a pair of pants that have completely gone out of style?  The majority of us can probably answer yes to those questions.  The problem with too much clothing, is that it takes up so much space.  Take a moment to think about your home, and the closets within.  Is there room to add more?  Are there extra hangers, and extra space?  One more question: do you LOVE your closet?  For many, it is a source of anxiety and stress.  The surefire way to decrease that stress is to sort through the chaos, and streamline your favorite pieces.

There is a fascinating fact I stumbled upon sometime last year - something I was completely unaware of prior to hearing it.  Apparently the fashion industry has identified 52 micro-seasons per year.  52 seasons?  Whatever happened to winter, spring, summer, and fall?   I have even heard that the fashion industry wants you to feel out of style after one week.  No wonder I feel so inadequate when I walk through the mall.

What's even more interesting is that we tend to buy clothing, even if we don't need it.  The best advice I can give in this regard, is that unless you have a master walk-in closet installation scheduled, you may need to identify how clothes are coming in to your home.  And in that same vein, if something comes in, maybe something else should go out.

Think of it this way:  you have one body, and only so much clothing can go on it at once.  Only one sweatshirt can be worn, unless you're camping.  So let's say you have 20 sweatshirts.  Are they all your favorite?  Were they all expensive?  Do you wear all of them, all of the time?  Chances are, maybe not.  Now, if you have space and patience to keep 20 sweatshirts, and you answered yes to the last three questions, you can keep your sweatshirts :)

Summer is the perfect time to forage through your closet.  When you are ready to address your situation, here are a few steps to help you along:

1.  Empty your closet completely - yes, completely

2. Sort into piles:  KEEP, MAYBE, NO, SEASONAL.  The KEEP clothes go back in the closet first - thisallows you to identify yourself, your style, and see what your favorites actually are.  The NO pile - of course, that goes away (the sooner, the better).  The SEASONAL items should be just that - seasonal.  Opt for alternate storage, other than your closet.  

3.   The MAYBE pile.  Why are you holding back? Is it the wrong color, or fit?  When did you last wear it?  If it has been more than 6 months . . . I'd say there is a strong chance you will not be wearing it. 

Scheduling time to purge and reorganize your closet at least twice a year allows you to identify what is weighing you down, what you can do without, and what you absolutely love and need!

Happy organizing!