Are you prepared for flu season?

Oh So Clean

The 2017-2018 flu season is upon us, and the nurse in me is itching to ask if you've received your flu shot ;)  Here is the latest CDC Influenza Recommendations for 2017.  (Of note, the nasal flu vaccine is not recommended for this flu season!)

Why is this relevant to staying clean and organized?  Because you need to be prepared for sick kiddos, family, and yourself.  Have you ever been stuck at home with no medicine, no tissues, and not a saltine in sight?  It's a terrible feeling!  Planning ahead for the school year should also include preparation for that dreaded call from school.  (Let's all knock on wood that it will avoid our houses altogether this year, right?)

To help me remember each year, I have chosen late August into early September.  I know mentally that back-to-school means I should check in with my pantry, medicine cabinet, and thermometer.

Oh So Clean

Here is my fall checklist for back-to-school (naturally, your family may have different needs, but this is a short list of ours:)

  • Assess pantry (Stock up on chicken soup, saltine crackers, bouillon, chamomile, lemon, or ginger tea, oyster crackers, etc.). Label items that are to be saved, otherwise they disappear :)

  • Frozen goods (Popsicles, make-ahead ice packs, crushed ice in pre-made baggies). Again, if those popsicles aren't labelled, they may disappear ;)

  • Assess medicine cabinet (Is your thermometer working and age appropriate for kids? Assess your cough and cold medicine, throat lozenges, pain relievers, etc. Do you have enough for the season? **Be sure to check expiration dates!**

  • Tissues - always great to have on hand. Hand sanitizers, and antibacterial wipes are also helpful when someone is sick.

  • Emesis basin . . . AKA, the "puke bucket". While this may sound absolutely disgusting, having a plan for something that can catch an unexpected moment is necessary during flu season ;)

  • New toothbrushes to replace old ones when family members have been ill.

  • Make sure you have up-to-date phone numbers for family physicians (including an after-hours number if it's different from their daytime phone). Update school forms to include current emergency contact information. The school should have updated cell phone and work numbers for the adults in your household.

While I wish we could avoid the flu season altogether, at least we can approach it well prepared.  I wish you happiness and good health this season :)