Stop! Do you have multiples of these items?

Multiple multiples . . . this is the dilemma of the modern family.  I can tell you from experience, colanders are something that must be reproducing in kitchen cupboards across the board.  I had no idea that the world was full of so many colanders!  Often times, it is simply getting rid of the (extra) colanders in a client's kitchen that frees up some much needed extra storage space.

Here is my list of items that you just don't need multiples of.  Trust me.  Have you ever peeled two carrots at a time? 

1.  Colanders.  Obviously.

2.  Sheets.  Save one extra set per bed if you so choose (babies and toddlers often require additional sets).  Clearly think through any additional linens, and ask yourself when you will be using them.

3.  Anything kitchen.  If it's a multiple, seriously assess the need:  measuring cups, measuring spoons, cheese graters, food processers, spices, plates, coffee mugs, silverware, Tupperware, wine keys, vegetable peelers, the list goes on.  What have you used in the last year?  What have you not?  Whatever you have not, consider donating it.

4.  Throw pillows and blankets.  Unless they're in use, seriously consider shoving extra throw pillows into storage.  More often than not, they never resurface.

5.  Hair products and makeup.  I have never seen so many products in my life.  If you aren't using it, give it to a friend or toss it.  There must be a reason you don't reach for it when you get ready each day.

6.  Reusable bags.  If you have an entire cupboard or closet devoted to them, pick your top 4 faves and ditch the rest.  They take up valuable space you could be using for something more practical.

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