The problem

I know what you are thinking:  "what problem?"  I will give you a hint: it's the one you have creeping up behind you, taking up space in your closet.  Your basement.  Your living room.  You know, the resale one.  You hold onto stuff because you have attached enormous value to all of your precious boxed belongings, and now those items must pay you back by way of resale.  Certainly you will rake in the cash once you get through those boxes full of things that the world wants, right?

Wrong.  There are only a select few souls that are made for sales, and they know who they are.  They are good at it, because it takes them little time and rakes in big rewards.  But those online resale Gods and Goddesses have one thing in common:  they don't sell everything.  They wait for brand name, or big ticket items.  The rest?  Donations. 

When you have bins, boxes, and closets full of clothing, you do not have space.  And unless you have ONLY time on your hands to deal with countless messages from potential buyers to schedule try-ons or pick-ups, have at it.  My guess is that you have a life aside from your online resale practice. 

So let's say you have no time to resell items, and you have a ton of unused stuff taking up space.  Essentially you could say "I have no time, and I have no space."   Where does that leave you?  It leaves you a choice:  you can either have your space and time, or not.

I leave you with this task: take a piece of paper, and fold it in half.  On the left side, write down the income that was generated from your online resale efforts.  On the right side, take note of how many minutes you took sending or receiving messages, and your overall effort spent trying to sell an item.  Keep in mind the time spent away from family or friends.

Oh So Clean