Packing up the holidays!

Would you believe my tree is already on the curb?  Of course I decided that 12/26/16 was a great time to watch the movie Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things.  I'm still questioning that decision.  However, it did inspire me to reflect on what Christmas decorations we own, and WHY we own them.

Every year during the flurry of holiday decorating, I find myself saying, "why didn't I think of this last year?!"  Here are a few helpful hints for those of you who want to make your holiday set up as easy as possible for 2017.

1.  Throw away Whatever you have that is weighing you down, get rid of it.  My example is a set of hideous plastic Christmas ornaments that I bought for my very first home in 2009.  The hard part?  Remembering how much I loved that house, so how could I get rid of them.  The easy part?  GETTING RID OF THEM - they never make it on the tree :)

Although . . . Pinterest tells me I could have done this with them.  Hmmm. . . .



2.  Test all Christmas lights prior to storing.  If you have several strands, coil them in a way that allows for easy unwinding.  If you really want to keep the tangles away, a storage reel or spool works well.  Begin restringing the strand with the "female" end first, so that when light strands are reconnected, you end at the power plug to plug into your power source (when stringing top to bottom).



3.  Invest in sturdy storage bins or tubs that last!  So often we save all sorts of boxes and bags to store away holiday décor.  When cardboard is stored in basements or attics, the material can soften due to the cold or humidity.  This leaves no protection for your precious keepsakes.  The best time to shop for these storage solutions is after Christmas.

4.  Store all holiday items in the same location.  Be sure to label each tub or bin, and keep together in a uniformed spot.  Remember: you will only be locating this stuff once a year :)

5.  Relax!  Packing up the holidays can take several days.  I often initiate the process, and then wait another day or two to put our bins back in the basement.  When I am too anxious to put holiday items away, I always find small decorations days later.  Taking a day or two will help you find EVERYTHING that needs to go into storage . . . and prevent the back and forth of storing those decorations that were hiding :)


Cheers to 2017!  Enjoy!