5 (quick and easy) steps you can take to declutter your home today!

Happy Monday!  If you can find a few extra minutes today, take time to consider these simple steps to reducing clutter in your home.  These are my top 5 recommendations that I use in my own home, as well as the homes of my clients.   I find that taking these simple steps reduces anxiety, stress, and that scatterbrained feeling that creeps up so quickly.

1.  Free up your kitchen counters. 

      No you should not have every kitchen appliance on display.  No, you are not running a museum.  If you have more than a toaster, coffee pot, and (maybe) one of those 300 pound mixers, you are good to go.  No one will ever say to you "remember that time I came over and saw ALL of your kitchen appliances on your counter?  That was SO cool!"  Have a place for extraneous items that are used infrequently . . . consider a cupboard, or getting rid of the item completely.  And if there is not one inch left in those cupboards for storage, call me - we need to talk.

2.  Ditch the "occasional rug".

       I used to be a chronic customer at Target, World Market, Home Goods, you name it . . . have you seen all of those adorable rugs?  One can fit here, and there, and EVERYWHERE!  Often times we feel we need to make our house "homey" by adding soft things . . . rugs, drapes, and even more rugs.  In an effort to scale back on what our eyes take in each day, I encourage clients to get rid of rugs in the kitchen, the bathroom and toilet area, the hallway, under chairs, under tables . . . you get the picture.  The smaller the rug, the less it is needed - and the more it will slip and slide around the house.  And if you have a rug resting on carpet, consider calling me to discuss how to part ways with the rug.

3.  Windowsill trinkets.

       When one looks out a window, they want to see the outside world.  Having picture frames, trinkets, prisms, and other decorations pulls the view to the window pane.  Often times our windows are dirty, and having several trinkets to draw attention to them is never helpful.  Not to mention the frustration of wanting to open a window, and having three picture frames, an old vase, dried flower petals, and a prism in your way.  Don't fight with the window.  Keep it clear.

4.  Coats and shoes.

        I will not lie to you.  You have too many of them.  They're everywhere.  There are enough coats and shoes, boots and jackets to equip 17 adults and 10 children for the winter, spring, summer, and fall.  Your options are minimal for this problem - no coat rack, or shoe bin, or shoe rack, or coat bin will do.  You must purge.

5.  Throw pillows.  

        This is one of the most popular items for online resale - those incredibly cute throw pillows that were on sale at Target, Home Goods, World Market.  If we are seeking a cheap and quick change to the room, throw pillows are the first thing we go to.  Feeling tired?  Buy throw pillows.  Hosting a party?  Buy throw pillows.  Change of season?  Buy throw pillows.  The problem is that we cannot let go of our throw pillows, and we are altogether too ready to buy and buy and buy some more.  They are all painfully displayed on our couches, and chairs.  We move them from spare bedroom, to kids bedroom, to loft, to living room.  If you have not sold them online, consider either recovering with new fabric, or donating.

I hope you have enjoyed these 5 steps to decluttering . . . stay tuned for more.  Share if you like what you read! 

Now get out there and declutter!  ;)