Secrets of a cleaning lady . . .

Like most families that I know, our family is very busy!  My husband works as a pharmacist, and prior to Oh.So.Clean!, I was a registered nurse working full time.  I loved to clean but lacked the time to do so.  I was pretty headstrong that "only I can clean my house the way I want to."  So I used to spend my weekends cleaning my house from top to bottom.  I ran the washing machine endlessly.  I cleaned for hours at a time on Saturdays or Sundays, while my husband was working.


By the time Sunday night hit and my husband walked through the door after a long day, I would be exhausted - BUT . . . the house was clean.  Fast forward through our busy week with three kids and two full-time jobs, and the house would become a mess all over again.  If we wanted to have guests over on a Friday or Saturday night, we were stuck with a messy house to deal with.

It was a backward process - the house was clean ALL WEEK, and in complete disarray by the weekend.  I started to resent my long cleaning weekends, and wondered how this backward process could change. 

Here is my secret:  I hired a cleaning lady! 


Searching Craigslist was a challenge - the first person I contacted never responded.  There were several ads for cleaning services claiming to be "cheap and quick".  At last - we did find someone who comes on a weekly basis.  I realized that while "only I can clean my house the way I want to", the truth is that I still need help.  It is a cost that we are willing to make sacrifices for, and it is well worth it! 

And from that challenging search for cleaning arose my new idea for Oh.So.Clean!  Despite my ability to clean and organize, time is another ordeal in and of itself. . . I just didn't have enough of it to maintain my life and roles as a mother, step-mother, wife, and entrepreneur.