Rainy day project


Bathroom closets are one of the most mystifying and complex areas of the home.  Not only do we store towels, toiletries, makeup, and even light bulbs (pictured below in one client's home), we often double up on storage for linens, spare blankets, beach towels, and more.  Tackling a bathroom closet takes time and patience, both of which pay off greatly in this featured project.

Deep breath.

Rainy day project!

Rainy day project!

STEP ONE:  Empty the closet completely of its contents.  You may be shocked to see just how much has been stored in this small space.

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STEP TWO:  Rethink the space - removal of the extraneous shelf on lower level of this closet.  Because our client stores linens here as well, it was necessary to make room for such items.  

Many sheets, blankets, and towels were literally shoved on the lower shelves.  The extra shelf that was removed was awkward and too close to the other shelves.  Oh So Clean took a hammer and removed it (pictured below).  Good riddance!

That was, in and of itself, PROGRESS


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STEP THREE:  Paint!  I will never argue with a semi-gloss interior white for bathroom cabinets.  It is bright and feels fresh.  What an improvement the paint job (pictured below) was!  It really highlighted our spacious and (very empty) closet. 


STEP FOUR:  Organize, sift, get rid of.  This is what takes a majority of our time during Oh So Clean sessions.  Bathroom products tend to accumulate quickly, and when we spend money on products that we end up not liking, we feel as though we cannot throw them away.  Many hair, makeup, and shaving products were eventually tossed. 

Linens were sorted and arranged by like items, and eventually we decided on one spare set of sheets for each bed.  The results were impressive.

For this particular project I was able to find simple vases, clear glass containers, and an old candle holder to pull toiletries together - all located in the home.  Two office organizers were added from Target, and were less than $5 a piece. 

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STEP 5:  Put things back in their (new) place.  This step is often difficult for clients to achieve, because as human beings we tend to want things "the way they were."  Oh So Clean took time to arrange, rearrange, and rearrange again to achieve a functional, sensible solution.

Much better!

Much better!