You cannot organize chaos. Start with a list :)

Write it down . . . I repeat, write it down.

Write it down . . . I repeat, write it down.

I come from a family who has utilized lists for as long as I can remember.  Even if it was just to write down simple tasks, "mow, trash out, bottles back."  Organizing the various parts of your life should start with a list.  Identify what works best for you:  a pen and paper, a computer, a smart phone . . . and start your headings.  Often I use headings such as kids, money, house, lawn, bills, work . . . I then write what needs to be done under each category.  Anything from "Gwen needs new summer sandals" to "renew license plate tags." The list is a common area that you can visually see what your goals are.  They may be simple, but if you leave it to your brain to remember those tasks mid-week, you will forget.


I encourage you to make a list for your clutter - areas of your house that you would rather people didn't see. That junk drawer that never fully closes because it is so full.  Those bins of shoes that the kids probably grew out of, but weren't cheap either.  Simply put, you cannot organize chaos.  A list forces you to sift through the chaos, and map out what you are going to do to tackle each problem area.  Be honest with yourself as well as reasonable - do not tackle too much at once.  One heap of junk at a time.

Seeing it written, or writing it yourself will help you retain the memory that it needs to be doneOnce written down, you can then own the tasks you want to tackle.  To-dos become concrete when they are written down.  Even if you can't get to it until 2016, it is a goal.

One thing to keep in mind:  the list should never go away - the tasks will change, but continue to keep track of what you can accomplish :)