TOYS.....the biggest cluster of all!

Ok my friends . . . who admits to owning exorbitant amounts of toys for their children?  They could be new, used, hand-me-downs.  Regardless of where they came from, you know you have them.  Too many.  Piled up into toy bins, and baskets, and basement boxes, and attic boxes.  We've all been there.


The idea of having toys is a remarkably positive thing - brain teasers, phonics strengtheners, hand-eye coordinators, shapes, matching, games, stuffed animals to love.  Who wouldn't want to grace their child with all of these items to shape them into the wonderful human you know they can be?  Your intentions are good.

The problem lies in your space.  You don't have it.  Yes, I said it, you don't have enough space.  Even if you have storage space, and attic space . . . what good is a toy in storage?  There are only so many hours in the day for every toy you own.  Many toys go weeks without even being considered.


Consider this:  take 10 minutes out of your day, and evaluate your child's toy bin(s). 

Sit down. 

Take everything out. 

One-by-one, take each item in your hand. 

Has your child played with the toy recently?  Is it one of their favorites?  Is it broken, in need of batteries, or damaged in some way?  Is it age appropriate?  Is it missing pieces?  Does your child have 702 of the same thing?  (toy cars, figurines). 

Hopefully you will be able to identify items that your child no longer uses.  HINT:  If it is broken, throw it away.  I know, I know.  That is very hard to do.  But do it.   And when you throw broken toys away, take them to your garbage bin (outside) shortly after . . . unless you want your children to trash-dive after you're done, and pilfer everything back to their rooms (and they WILL do this).

Kids will grow out of toys much like they grow out of clothing:  QUICKLY!  Allow yourself time every 3 months to assess what toys they are using, and what they have outgrown.  And just think:  by donating your child's toys, another lucky child will enjoy the thing that has been taking up space in your home.

Consider rethinking the way you store your child's toys . . . there are many options out there (bins, baskets, drawers).  Have fun, and happy organizing!  :)