To hold on, let go!

I have come across many people who are ashamed of their living space.  They claim to be "overrun with junk!"  This is a travesty!   Your home should be your sanctuary.  The process of sorting through household items may seem daunting at first, but if clutter is truly bothering you, make time to sort through it! (Or allow me the honor ;)

There is nothing I love more than tackling a large room full of "keepsakes" - let me tell you, the things people hold on to never cease to amaze me.  While we feel we are saving items to keep the memory alive, try to let go of the material object - the memory is still there, even if we don't have that special keepsake stored away in an attic or basement.  Although saving certain items is necessary, there are equally as many items that can and should go.  Do not be fooled by this common misconception:

"The moment I discard of this item I discard a part of myself."

For each item you are considering, take time to really think of why you hold on to it:  was it obtained during a happier time in your life?  Did someone you love give this item to you?  Do you like the item, but have no place to put it?  All of these questions will further your ability to analyze and rid  yourself of excess household items.

Items that are a major source of clutter:

  • Your child's schoolwork/artwork
  • Paperwork, mail, bills, receipts
  • Books, CDs, magazines
  • Kitchen utensils, plastic containers
  • Coffee mugs, vases
  • Little-used kitchen items - example:  Bundt pans, muffin tins, food processors, etc.
  • Food/spices/pantry items
  • Clothing
  • Electronics
  • Linens
  • Medicine - Identify expired meds and contact local pharmacy for proper disposal
  • Bathroom items/toiletries
  • Toys

It is NEVER too late to rid yourself of unnecessary items - start with one area of your house:  a drawer, or closet, or even a box of items.  Do not attempt multiple areas at once, and consider starting at a time when you will be able to fully focus on the task at hand.

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