The ever-so-daunting linen closet

Spring is finally here - it's time to go through that linen closet!  First, take every single item out (yes, everything).  Lay it out on your bed, or floor.  Really take time to assess what you have.   Try to match pillow cases, tops sheets and fitted sheets together, so that they resemble the set they originally came as. 

After considering your inventory get rid of extras and mismatches.  One set of extra sheets for each bed should suffice (granted you like doing laundry now and then).  I have three school-aged children, and each has an extra set - no one has ever run out of sheets.  Of course, it is always best to keep multiple sheets for baby cribs, as we go through those fast!

I recently rearranged my own linen closet - I was astounded to realize that I had 8 extra top sheets, 6 (very worn) fitted sheets, and numerous pillow cases from who knows where.  All sorts of colors, mismatched fabrics, torn items that were hardly worthy of a good nights' sleep.  I invested a small amount of money in 2 extra sheet sets, and voila` - everything was organized and easy to access.


From the desk of Martha Stewart:  How to fold a fitted sheet